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Study Groups

  • Group Administration

    How Groups Work
    Study groups are organised by subject and each subject group is listed on this website.  Go to Groups by Category tab and the Group Index tab to find out more details about a specific subject.

    • If you want to join a new group that is advertised, please contact the Group Organiser to find out more about the group and how it runs.  The members carry out research and make presentations to the others and you will need to decide if you wish to contribute in this way.  Everyone in the group helps with the work and shares in its success.
    • Make sure you can attend all or most of the sessions.  If you have to miss a meeting, please let the Group Organiser know as soon as possible.  If you decide to leave the group, tell the group Organiser in order to free up a place for another member. 
      (N.B. :   Group Organisers :  please let the Web Team know about any vacancies which may arise, so that we can advertise the vacancy to members on this website. Just as importantly, please let us know when those vacancies are filled.)
      Use the link below to contact the Group Development Team.    
    • If there are no current vacancies in the subject of your choice, leave your name and contact details with the  Group Organiser as members may leave groups during the year or, if there are a number of people interested in a subject, with their help we will try to start a new group.  Please go to the National Subject Advisors tab above for further details.
    • If you are an existing member of a continuing group, you should inform your Group Organiser if you wish to remain in the group for the forthcoming year.  You must be a current U3A member to join any group. Further information for Members and Group Organisers can be found in the Group Organisers’ Guide and under Study Groups.

    Our Insurance Policy covers U3A members and the occasional non-member.  Sevenoaks U3A allows non-members intending to join our U3A to attend group meetings or outings as guests on a one-off basis.


  • Group Categories

    Each heading below contains a list of all the subject groups within that category. To find out more about any specific group, click on the link for that category and it will take you to the page which contains full details of each group. Please then click on the tab for the group you are interested in.

  • Group Index

    NOTE: Below is the list of all our subject groups. To find out more about any specific group, click on the link for that group and it will take you to the Category page.  Please then click on the tab for the group you are interested in.

  • Groups Timetables
    • Monday

      Monday Morning

      Monday Afternoon

      Current Affairs (3rd)

      Apple Group (4th)

      Garden 5 (2nd)

      Chess (3rd)

      Italian Conversation (2nd & 4th)

      Computer Open Group (3rd)

      London Studies 2 (1st)

      Music Appreciation A (3rd)

      Science Discussion 1 (1st)

      Music Appreciation B (4th)

      English Concertina (Alternate)

      Singing For Fun (1st, 3rd)


      Science Open Group (2nd)


      Writing - Sevenoaks Scribes (2nd, 4th)

    • Tuesday

      Tuesday Morning
      Churches (3rd)
      Crosswords (1st)
      Cycling (Weekly)
      Digital Image Manipulation 1 (3rd)
      Digital Image Manipulation 2 (2nd)
      European Film Studies (2nd)
      French Not Quite Beginners (2nd & 4th)
      Garden 1 (3rd)
      Garden 2 (2nd - all day)
      History of Art (4th)
      London Studies 1 (3rd All day)
      London Studies 2 (3rd)
      Migration of People (3rd)
      Military History (Fortnightly)
      Literature (4th)
      Philosophy (1st)
      Photography 1 (3rd)
      Theatre Studies (1st)
      Walking - Strollers (3rd)


      Tuesday Afternoon
      Churches (3rd)
      Exploring World Faiths (3rd)
      European Film Studies (2nd)
      Geology (1st & 4th)
      German Conversation (1st, 3rd)
      Industrial History (2nd)
      Needlecraft (2nd & 4th)
      Photography 2 (1st)
      Playreading (3rd)
      Taking an Age (2nd & 4th) 

    • Wednesday

      Wednesday Morning

      Wednesday Afternoon

      Bridge for Pleasure (2nd, 4th)

      Book Circle Wednesday (3rd)

      Churches - London (3rd - all day)

      Books - Slim (3rd)

      Cycling (Weekly)

      Crochet (4th)

      Researching Family History (4th)

      European Affairs (3rd)

      Gallery Group 1 (1st & 2nd)

      French Conversation (2nd)

      Wire & Beaded Jewellery Making (2nd)

      Gallery Group (1st, 2nd)

      Post Classical History (1st)

      Monthly Meeting (4th)

      Scrabble (2nd)

      Peace & Conflict Studies (2nd)

      Table Tennis 1  (2nd & 4th)

      Piano Playing (2nd)

      Table Tennis 2  (1st & 3rd)

      Stockmarket Discussion (3rd)

      Walking - Ambling (3rd)


      Walking, Nordic (2nd)


      Wine Appreciation 1 (2nd)


      Wine Appreciation 4 (2nd)


      Writing  For Pleasure (1st & 3rd))


      Wire & Beaded Jewellery Making (2nd)


    • Thursday

      Thursday Morning

      Thursday Afternoon

      Art - Painting (Weekly)

      Books Comparing Novels (3rd)

      Books - Comparing (3rd)

      Book Circle - Thursday (2nd)

      Botanical Painting (1st & 3rd)

      London Villages (3rd)

      Ethical Dilemmas (2nd)

      Jazz & Blues 1 (4th)

      German Language & Culture (3rd)

      Jazz & Blues 2 (1st)

      History of Transport (3rd)

      Snooker (2nd & 4th)

      London Studies 2 (1st - all day)

      Wine Appreciation 5 (Eve 3rd)

      Italian Improvers (2nd & 4th)


       Science Discussion 2 (1st)








    • Friday

      Friday Morning

      Friday Afternoon

      Aviation (3rd)

      Circle Dancing (2nd & 4th)

      Digital Camera 3 (2nd)

      Industrial Heritage (3rd)

      Europe Today (2nd)

      Psychology (3rd)

      Folk Dancing (2nd)

      Table Tennis 3 (1st & 3rd)

      Garden 3 (1st)


      Garden 4  Visits (3rd)


      Opera (1st)


      Poetry 1 (1st)


      Poetry 2 (Last)


      Science - Our Universe (2nd)


      Walking 1 (3rd)


      Walking 2  (2nd)


      Wine Appreciation 2 (Last)


    • Group Timetables:  This section provides a listing of when each current study group meets
      Click on each day of the week tab to find details



    1st, 2nd, etc = week of the month

    W =  Weekly
    F = Fortnightly
    M = Monthly

  • Group Vacancies


    Vacancies in various Groups come and go throughout the year.  If there is a Group that you are interested in joining, please see the contact details for the Group Organiser in the relevant section of this website under Group Categories or the Group Index (Tabs above) or in the Handbook. 

     If there are any vacancies, it will usually say “New Members Welcome”. Alternatively contact the  Group Organiser directly

    For Open Groups (see Tab above) there are not normally restrictions on numbers attending. They are normally open to all U3A members but enquiries should be made to the appropriate Organiser before attending.

  • Open Groups

    Sevenoaks u3a runs a wide range of groups which are open to all members of the u3a this means that members can just turn up on the day but for those groups that operate as teams please check with the Group Organiser.

    Open Groups are for all Sevenoaks u3a members.  You do not have to sign up for these groups as you would with specialist groups. Just turn up on the day

    Car parking is always difficult at  Otford Village Memorial Hall,   and the Bat & Ball Centre, so please share cars if it is at all possible.

    • Bridge for Pleasure
      Bridge for pleasure 300


      Intermediate level Chicago Bridge.  These sessions will appeal to players of some experience who want to improve their Bridge in a friendly atmosphere.  The group meets in Otford Village Memorial Hall.  A small charge covers the hire of the hall and coffee.
      Open Group. Bridge for pleasure 300
      Contact :  Sue & John Christy
      Meetings :Wednesday,  2nd & 4th,  09.50 - 12.15

    • Monthly Meetings

      MONTHLY MEETINGS are expected to return to the Community Centre in the Autumn. Meetings are held on the 4th Wednesday afternoon, 2-4 pm.  After the talks, tea and biscuits are served, free of charge.




      October 27th

       Sevenoaks u3a Relaunch Open day


      November 24th

       The Master Masons - The men who built the Cathedrals

      Imogen Corrigan





         January 26th

       Wildlife on your Doorstep

       Tom Way

      February 23rd

       The Flowers of Alsace & Lorraine

       Chris Stewart

      March 23rd

       Bruges its more than just chocolate!

       Melanie Gibson-Barton

      April 27th

       The Art of Albrecht Durer

       Imogen Corrigan

      May 25th

       40 years of catching smugglers

      Malcolm Nelson

      June 22nd

       AGM  + The Can Can - high  kicks
       and frilly knickers

       Martin Heard

      Note: due to the Corona Virus pandemic the General Meetings will be conducted as virtual meetings using Zoom.

      Monthly meeting 2
    • Computer Open Meeting

      pen to all members of Sevenoaks U3A
      The meetings are held at Otford Village Memorial Hall, normally at 2 p.m on the third Monday of each month (October to May).
      Entrance 2, includes tea. 
      There is usually a talk on a topic of interest, followed by a question-and-answer session.  Talks are normally illustrated and projected onto a large screen.  Members may also raise problems they are having with their computers.  A reciprocal agreement with Knole u3a means that members both u3a organisations are welcome to attend each other’s Computer Group meetings.

      Due to  Covid, Some meetings may be conducted  using Zoom see below

      For more information, contact the Group Organiser.##



      Programme 2022


       Time & Location


      21st February

       2:00 PM - Zoom

      Computing from 1940 to present time - Vincent Boswoth,  Natonal Museum of Computing, Bletchley Park

      21st March

      2:00 PM - Zoom

      Frauds and Scams and how to avoid them - Aimee Page - Kent Police

      18th April

      2:00 PM - OVHM

      Update on Alexa - David Gardner (u3a Member)

      16th May

      2:00 PM - OVHM

      Getting Answers to questions/problems using the web- Charles Hebert (u3a Member)

    • Science Open Meeting


      These are held in the Otford Village Memorial Hall Club Room.
      An entrace fee, including tea will be charged at the door.

      The group usually meets at 2.00pm on the second Monday each month, between October and May, for talks on a wide range of scientific and technology topics.  In addition to the talks, one or two visits are arranged each year to places of interest.  There are, also, occasional special events.

      The Science Group has an open membership (no need to ‘sign up’) and all members of Sevenoaks U3A are welcome to attend any of the meetings and to join group visits
      Further information can be  obtained from the Group Organiser.


      2021 - 22 PROGRAMME

      October 11th

      Missions to Mars

       Prof David Southwood

        November 8th

      Dying to be Beautiful

       Dr Kathryn Harkup

       December 13th

      No Meeting



      January 10th


       Mike Trevethick

         February 14th

      Water Strategy for SE England

        Lee Dance

      March 14th

      Conservation of artefacts held by English Heritage

       David Thickett

      April 11th

      The Passive Eco House

       Chris Stewart

      May 9th

      Sustainable energy and food security

       Dr Howard Lee




      Note: it is hoped to return to Face to Face Meetings but some meetings may be subject to change with some talks being delivered as webinar talks for which registration will be  required. Details will be published in Newsletters


    • Walking Ambling


      Our circular walks cover about 4 miles in 2 hours, taking time to admire and appreciate places of interest and the countryside.  An optional pub lunch follows at a local pub.  We encourage members to contribute ideas and lead walks.  Open to all u3a members and details of monthly walks are advertised in the newsletter and on the Calendar page of this website.

      Contact :   Nick White

      Meetings :   Wednesdays, 3rd, 10 am.

      Walking ambling 300
    • Nordic Walking


      This new group is walking for exercise with poles. A training walk of about 3 miles with exercises will be undertaken followed by an optional pub lunch

      This group is shared with Knole u3a and is seeking new members. If you are interested in joining contact Nick White (Sevenoaks Members) or Ian Galletti (Knole Members)

      Walking half-day 300

      Contact :   Nick White

      Meetings :   Wednesday,   1st,  10:30  a.m


    • Walking Strollers


      A gentle walk of about one and a half hours, starting at 11 am, followed by a pub lunch, if desired.  Members are encouraged to take turns in leading the strolls.  Sensible walking shoes are required (not wellingtons).  We frequently pass through fields with animals, thus we are unable to take dogs.  An email contact is needed in case of alteration/cancellation due to adverse weather.  Details are normally posted in the Calendar section of this website.

      Contact : Group Organiser

      Meetings :   Tuesday,   3rd,   11 am.

      Walking Strollers 300
    • Table Tennis 1-2-3

      There are three Table Tennis Groups accessible to u3a Members. These are held at the Otford Village Memorial Hall and members play with various levels of skill. Equipment supplied and modest charges apply for hall hire.

      The three Groups are as follows:-

      Table Tennis 1

      Table Tennis 2

      Table Tennis 3

      Contact: Margaret Thorpe (Knole u3a)

      Contact: Diana Pearsall

      Contact: Margaret Thorpe (Knole u3a)

      Meetings: Wednesdays, 2nd & 4th 10:00-12:00

      Meetings: Wednesdays, 1st  & 3rd  10:00-12:00

      Meetings:Fridays, 1st  & 3rd  2:00-4:00 pm

    • Meeting & Visits Suggestions


      We welcome input from members with suggestions as follows:

      • Speakers for Monthly Meetings



      • Speakers and Topics for Computer Meetings



      • Speakers for Science Meetings



      • Visits they have undertaken with other societies and which may be of interest to U3A members



      • Topics for Study Days or New Groups




      • for Visits members may have undertaken with other societies and which would perhaps interest our U3A.
        Contact : Social Events

        We are also keen to re-develop Study Days, so that they become an integral part of the Annual Programme.  Members and Group Organisers can help either by suggesting a topic and, if possible, a Speaker.  Or they might offer to lead a Study Day by working with others in their Group, and perhaps liaising with parallel Study Groups who are taking a different angle.
  • Shared Groups


    French for Improvers

    These shared groups are run by Knole U3A and may have spaces available for Sevenoaks members. 

    Please email the relevant group organiser for more information and inform our Groups Development Co-ordinator.


    Genealogy for Beginners


        Medieval History

    Money Matters

    Poetry 1,2 & 3

    Poetry 3

        Science for all (Open Group)

    Spanish for Beginners (Yr 4 & 6)

    Spanish Intermediate

    Table Tennis 1

     A number of Groups in Sevenoaks u3a allow members of other u3as to join their Group.  These arrangements work well especially for specialist subjects.  Local u3as may also allow Sevenoaks u3a members to join in with their group activities.   As a general rule the following should be considered.

    • There is a specialist subject group which cannot attract enough support in one u3a to be viable, and there is no parallel group in the other u3a; or
    • There would be difficulty in meeting the hire cost of a hall or other facilities; or
    • Having more members will significantly reduce the meeting costs per head;

    Group Organisers who wish to offer spaces in groups which meet the above criteria should  contact Group Development to discuss their proposals.  Where funding is involved in Group activity then management of  accounts should be discussed with the treasurer of the parent u3a.

  • National Subject Advisors


    The Third Age Trust have a number of Subject Advisors. These people are here to help anyone starting a new interest group or to advise on problems in established groups. For more details please see the National u3a Subject Advice web page.

    u3a logo-plain

  • In Depth Study Groups

    If you would like to pursue your favourite subject in greater depth, the u3a would like to hear from you.  This would be an opportunity to study a subject in greater depth than is currently possible within the current u3a group set-up.

    The range of subjects to be offered depends entirely on what u3a members want, but there is the potential for all kinds of exciting developments in informal adult education.

    The u3a Trust is initially seeking to run pilot groups, making use of the internet.

  • New Groups

    Where members have suggested new group ideas they will be posted on this page. If you have ideas pleaee contact the Group Development Officer details below.

    Nordic Walking

     See Contact Details

    London Villages

     See Contact Details


  • News from the Groups

    This News from the Groups section provides updates on Group Activity. It will be updated periodically

    Sevenoaks U3a - Summary of Group reports - June 2021
    The group did not meet after the initial lockdown in March until October 2020 when we started meeting monthly on Zoom.  We agree a topic for in advance of each meeting and look for material to support the subsequent discussion.  Recent topics include: biofuels; drones; hydrogen as a fuel; additive manufacture (3-D printing); revival of supersonic airliners.  Recently we have also watched DVDs of aviation interest.  Currently we are a small group and would welcome one or two new members.  We meet in the morning of the third Friday in the month. 
    Group  Organiser:  Frank Matthews
    Book Circle - Wednesday
    We read mainly modern fiction, but not exclusively. We meet in members’ homes from May to October. Books are chosen by members plus suggested titles from Sevenoaks Library.
    New Members Welcome
    Group  Organiser:  Mary Arthur or Anne Evans

    The Industrial Heritage Group has continued to meet on Zoom throughout the lockdowns.  In the last few months we have had presentations on such diverse subjects as the History of Winemaking in SE England, Orchards in Kent, Industry in the Ashdown Forest, Gunsmiths and Electric Traction on the rails. We have a good program which will take us through to December. and will cover more eclectic subjects such as Pins and Needles, Joseph Lucas and the History of Astronomy.
    Group  Organiser: David Gardener                    

    Garden Group 2
    Throughout both Lockdowns the group continued to hold monthly Zoom meetings to discuss future gardens to visit, and found sites we could visit on line and then discuss.
    A few members did book and visit gardens that were part open.  Most members are keen gardeners, including those who don’t garden now, all enjoy the outings.
    We sometimes manage two gardens in one day if they are close to each other.
    Group  Organiser:  Cherry Moss                        

    German – Language and Culture  - This group meets monthly via Zoom.  We subscribe individually to the publication ‘Presse und Sprache’ which prints topical articles from German newspapers which we read aloud and discuss.
    Group  Organiser: Isabel White                       

    London Studies 1 - Meeting monthly using Zoom, we have taken it in turns to talk about either a London-based topic, or reviews of past visits and visits we had planned to take last year & hope to make in due course. Also we have had talks about the work of particular London architects and about people commemorated by Blue Plaques & statues. 
    Group  Organiser:: Diana Goymer    

    Tai chi
    During the lockdown relaxation period last summer, when it was permissible to meet outdoors, we continued having sessions on the patio at the back of my house. Everyone was masked & suitably distanced. We have now started again recently in the open air again. but depending on the governmental policy may soon be able to meet again at St. Edith's church hall every Wednesday morning.    
    New members need to be familiar with the ‘24’ form and, if not, it is suggested they start by joining the Sevenoaks Adult Education Centre to learn this form.
    Group Organiser: Magdalen Kit Fong-Fry     

    Wire and Beaded Jewellery Making
    This Group has continued in fine form throughout the Lockdown, not only exchanging emails and texts but also directly using Zoom and recently even in the garden (suitably distanced).  We enjoy exchanging ideas, learn and help each other or even sometimes with the help of a professional jeweller.
    The first ‘proper’ meeting will be in June on the 2nd Wednesday.
    Group Organiser:  Cherry Moss                 

    Other Groups
    The following Groups have already restarted or are looking forward to restarting very soon, showing the person to contact if you wish to join. Contact details are in our Handbook.
    Snooker.                                                            David Gardner
    Crossword.                                                       Sheila Bonnett
    Chess                                                               Magda Sweetland
    Digital Image Manipulati on 1, 2 and 3           Janet Austin
    Researching Family History                             Jean Stirk
    Folk dancing                                                    Peter and Lyn Nixon
    History of Transport                                        Michael Harwood
    History of Art                                                   Lyn Mead
    Wot is Art?                                                       Lyn Mead
    Migration of people                                         Lynda Alleeson
    Poetry 2                                                            Hilary Walker
    Issue Dated 23 May 2021
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