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The following policy documents are available to view or to download :

Sevenoaks U3A

Sevenoaks U3A
Data Protection Policy

Sevenoaks U3A
Website Terms of Use

Sevenoaks U3A
Group Organiser’s Guide

Code of Conduct

U3A Movement
Vision and Principles

Financial Reserves
Financial Policy

Safeguarding Policy (Summary)

Safeguarding Policy (Detail)
Note: Safeguarding Summary and Detailed Policies should be read together.

  Equality, Diversity & Inclusion Policy








Sevenoaks U3A is covered by indemnity insurance provided by the Third Age Trust. Details can be found by  the following links. Access requires registration to the TAT website.- Insurance Overview     Insurance FAQs


We have received notification that National Office has been able to negotiate a reasonable price for a copyright licence with the Copyright Licensing Agency.  This costs each U3A £60 p.a and should be paid by the respective U3As, if they wish to take it up.  Sevenoaks has decided to purchase a licence for the forthcoming year.  The conditions are still as printed on page 24 of  Group Organisers Guide (under revision)

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