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Games & Physical Activities

  • Bridge For Pleasure


    Friendly Intermediate Chicago Bridge.  Meets meets in Otford Village Memorial Hall October - July.  There is a small charge for hall hire and coffee. No partner needed

    This is an Open group - Spaces

    Contact :
      Sue & John Christy
    Meetings :   Wednesdays,   2nd & 4th,   9.45 - 12.00

    Bridge for pleasure 300
  • Canasta


    A group for current Canasta players who enjoy a friendly game. We meet in the Bullfinch Pub, Riverhead. We play in fours where possible, but also other combinations to suit the number of players. Using the Bullfinch Pub means that everyone has to buy at least a drink while there.   Please contact the organiser if you ae interested.

    Contact :
      Sue Christy
    Meetings :   Friday,   3rd,   14.15 - 16.15

  • Chess


    This is an informal and very friendly group for those who are returning to the game after a long absence.
    Newcomers and learners very welcome.

    Contact :
      Magda Sweetland
    Meetings :   Monday,   3rd,   16.30 - 18.00

    Chess 300
  • Circle Dancing


    If you like dancing and a wide range of music from all over the world then circle dancing is for you. The dances can be lively or gentle, meditative or exciting. The moods and styles vary enormously and there is something for everyone in the repertoire. You don't need a partner or experience. Dance bare-foot or in soft-soled shoes.  Group is open to other U3A’s. A cost for Hall Hires is charged.

    Venue :
        Christchurch URC Hall, Littlecourt Rd.

    Contact :   Sandie Wade

    Meetings :   Friday,   2nd & 4th,   14:00 - 16:00

    Circle dancing 300
  • Crosswords


    We try to complete The Times cryptic crossword using  our combined brainpower to solve the current day’s crossword.  We now meet in the Organiser’s home. If anybody would like to start another group the Group organiser (below) will be happy to advise how the group is run.

    One or two vacancies

    Contact :   Sheila Bonnett

    Venue: Organisers Home

    Meetings :   Tuesday, 1st,   10.30

    Crosswords 300
  • Cycling


    We aim to  cycle about 25 miles at an average pace to suit all. but do also have longer rides and usually stop for a pub  lunch.  We also like to arrange an away trip once a year.

    It is open to members of any U3A.  We are covered by the U3A insurance for third party liability.

    Contact :   Patrick Pascall
    Meetings :   Weekly

  • Folk Dancing


    A Group aiming to experience English Folk dances from traditional ‘Playford’ style to more modern dances. No Experience needed.  Small charge  for hall hire.

    New members welcome

    Contact :
      Peter & Lyn Nixon

    Venue: Otford Village Memorial Hall

    Meetings :   Friday,   2nd,   10:00 - 12:00

    folk dancing
  • Scrabble


    An opportunity to enjoy both challenging and friendly games of Scrabble.  We meet at the Sevenoaks Library. 
    New Members would be welcome.

    Contact :   Anne Gutteridge

    Meetings :   Wednesday,   2nd,   10.00 - 12.00

    scrabble 300
  • Snooker


    The snooker group is an eclectic bunch of Ladies and Gentlemen, many of whom say they ”used to be quite good when they were younger” indeed one member admits to playing a professional by accident - as he didn’t find out who it  was until later on. Naturally, he lost. Successful afternoons (and less successful ones) often end up being celebrated afterwards in the bar.

    Contact :
      David Gardener or Brian Alleeson

    Meetings :   Thursday,   2nd and 4th,  14:00 - 16:00

    Snooker 300
  • Walking - Ambling


    A walk of about four miles led by a member of the group followed by an optional pub lunch.   This is an open group to all Sevenoaks u3a Members who can manage 4 miles at a steady pace. 

    Contact :   Nick White

    Meetings :   Wednesday,   3rd,  10:30 am  Start

    Walking ambling 300
  • Walking - The Strollers


    A gentle walk of about one and a half hours, starting at 11 am, followed by an optional  pub lunch. Walks planned and led by members

    Contact :
      Anne Gutteridge

    Meetings :   Tuesday,   3rd,   11.00. start

    Walking Strollers 300
  • Walking 1


    For members who enjoy a 5 mile walk with a pub lunch.  Walks planned and led by members on the 3rd Friday in every month.
    All members of Walking Group 1 and 2 are very welcome to join each other’s programmes giving an opportunity for extra walks.


    Contact :   Ann Matthews

    Meetings : Friday,  3rd,  10:00 - 13:00

    Walking 1a 300
  • Walking 2


    Walks start about 9.45 am, and finish around 3:30pm.  Members lead a 10 mile figure of eight walk centred on a suitable pub, We are happy to accommodate members who only want to walk the morning or afternoon session.
    All members of Walking Group 1 and 2 are very welcome to join each other’s programmes giving an opportunity for extra walks


    Contact :     John Mitchell

    Meetings :   Friday,   2nd  09.45 - 15:30

    Walking 2 300

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