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  • French Conversation


    Starting in September 2021 This group comprises 8 or so participants who will meet on a monthly basis to discuss French current and cultural affairs. Participants will be expected to be comfortable with the whole session being held in French, but bilingualism is not required. We have as a member a native French speaker who ensures that our colloquial French does not stray too far into Franglais

    French discussion 300

    Contact :      Lynton Jones

    Meetings :   Wednesday 2nd,   14.30 - 16.30


  • French for Not Quite Beginners


    We meet in each others’ houses, using a CD and book.  French conversation with a minimum of rusty “O” level French. 

    French discussion 300

    Contact :      Sharon Fishwick

    Meetings :   Tuesday, 2nd and 4th,   10.00 - 12.00


  • German Conversation


    An informal lunch group which members take turns to host.  Best suited to fairly proficient speakers of German.

    German conversation 300

    Contact :      Nigel Britten

    Meetings :   Tuesdays,   1st & 3rd,   12.30 - 2.00


  • German Language & Culture


    We aim to improve conversational skills, and knowledge of current events in Germany by reading and discussing articles in the monthly publication Presse und Sprache which each member procures.  The group is suitable for those with ability to converse in German and with a good understanding of the grammar and structure.

    German language & culture 300

    Contact :   Isobel White

    Meetings :   Thursday,   3rd,   10.30 - 12.00


  • Italian Conversation


    Conversation and translation from pre-prepaed texts aiming to develop fluency, precision and clarity of meaning. A good knowledge of Italian grammar and wide ranging vocabulary desirable and the ability to describe nearly fluently various topics and in various styles. Members host in turn.

    Italian learners 300

    Contact :  Catherine Denton-Clark

    Meetings :   Monday,   2nd & 4th,   10.30 - 12.00


  • Italian Improvers


    An intermediate level group. We aim to develop knowledge of the Italian language using the journal Oggitalia, and spoken Italian through conversation with an Italian friend. We have all attended classes in the past but review grammar from time to time and normally take turns to host meetings and find topics to stimulate discussion.
    We have one or two places for new members.

    Contact :  Wendy Wooster

    Meetings :
       Thursday: 2nd and 4th, 10:00 - 12:00

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