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  • English Concertina


    E-ConcertinaThe group has been working on an increasingly varied repertoire now consisting of around 100 pieces ranging from Swing Low Sweet Chariot to Nellie The Elephant including many folk songs and Christmas Carols. Most of our pieces involve part playing and we tend to work from printed music
    Above all we aim to enjoy playing our music together and we have previously played for senior clubs, care homes and carried out some charity fund raising. We plan to hold further such events. Occasionally we have joint sessions with one of the U3A Recorder Groups and these have been most enjoyable. It’s really surprising how very well up to 16 instruments sound when played together.
    Our membership has now increased to 6 and we are determined to continue to develop our experience with the English Concertina but we would be delighted to consider anyone who is interested in learning to play the instrument. It would be better if you can already read music and it would also help to have some experience of playing another instrument but these are not necessarily prerequisites. We will be pleased to give advice and guidance to anyone interested whatever their experience.  As we are a joint group we are pleased to be able to consider members joining from Sevenoaks or Knole U3As.  Do contact me if you would like to know more about our group.

    Contact : Dave Robson

    Meetings :  
    Two weekly by arrangement on Mondays 10.30 - 12.30


  • Jazz & Blues 1

    JAZZ & BLUES 1

    Our enthusiasm for jazz and related music is celebrated at convivial monthly meetings, presented and hosted by group members.

    Music App A 300

    Group 1
    Contact :   Peter Moss

    Meetings :    Thursday 4th ,  2 - 4


  • Jazz & Blues 2

    JAZZ & BLUES 2

    A group whose members share an enthusiasm for jazz and blues and in discovering more about the diversity of this vibrant part of our musical culture. Meetings comprise presentations by group members, often on aspects of jazz which they have researched or discovered.  There has been a strong emphasis on preseting and listening to music that can be enjoyed by most jazz enthusiasts,

    Both Groups 1 & 2 occasionally pursue activities byond their regular monthly meetigs. These might include Study Mornings (available to all U3A members) or light hearted social meetings with live contributions from members . Open to other U3As

    Music App A 300

    Group 2
    Contact :   Jim Purves

    Meetings :    Thursday 1st ,  2:00 - 4:00


  • Music Appreciation A


    This group listens to classical music of specific composers or linked with a particular style, period or theme. We widen our knowledge and appreciation of music by learning about the pieces and their composers and origins.

    Music App A 300

    Group A
    Contact :   Ken Brown

    Meetings :    Monday,  3rd,  2 - 4


  • Music Appreciation B


    This group meet in members’ homes to listen to recordings of classical music. The works may be by specific composers or linked with a particular style, period or theme. Members may present programmes individually or bring pieces linked to an agreed theme. Usually, shorter items or extracts are played. The aim is to widen members’ knowledge and appreciation of music by learning about the pieces and their composers and origins. Spaces available, please contact the Group Organiser for more details.

    Music App A 300

    Group B
    Contact :   Jeff Lee

    Meetings :   Mondays,  4th,  2:00 - 4:00 pm


  • Opera


    We aim to watch a variety of operas, on DVD, from the familiar to the less well known.  We start the meeting with a description of the work, including the provision of a synopsis, to assist understanding.  Members will have the opportunity to introduce their own favourite works or performances.  Allowing for a coffee break at a suitable point between acts, meetings can last up to 3 hours.


    Contact :   Ken Brown

    Meetings :   Friday, 1st, 10.00 - 1.00



  • Piano Playing Group


    We are a small group of budding pianists of above beginner standard playing clssical music follwed by chats over a cuppa.

    Music App A 300

    Contact :   Tony Buick
    Meetings :   Wednesday 2nd ,  2:00 - 4:00


  • Recorders


    We enjoy playing a variety of music written for ensemble groups and would welcome players of any member of the recorder family who would like to join us for fun and enjoyment.

    Recorders 300

    Contact :   Pat Wells

    Meetings :
       Thursday 1st  & 3rd


  • Singing for Fun


    We are a welcoming, informal group, accompanied - and guided! - by our pianist.  We sing traditional and folk melodies, songs from the shows and other popular 20th century songs. In addition we give performances for various homes and charitable institutions, on average about once per term.
    We meet at the Unitarian Meeting House, 5 Westerham Road, Bessels Green, TN13 2PX

    Contact :   Laurence Hickey

    Meetings :   Monday,   1st & 3rd,   2:00 - 4:00

  • Theatre Studies

    THEATRE STUDIES: From Page to Stage

    This group combines the study and discussion of plays with theatre visits.  The focus is mainly on modern and contemporary plays, the selection depending on what is on in London.  Earlier drama is included if the group is keen.  Members introduce the play, taking an area of interest to them (e.g. context, themes, character interpretation, staging).  The emphasis at meetings is on discussion and exchanging views.

    Theatre Studies Photo

    Contact :   Vicki Joyce

    Meetings :   Tuesday, 1st, 10.15 - 12.00


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