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If you are retired or semi-retired and live in Sevenoaks or the surrounding area, we can offer you the opportunity to participate in a wide range of enjoyable social, mental and physical activities.
Our membership has grown to over 1000 in the  years since 1994 and new members are welcome.
If you are interested in becoming a new member, more information is available on the Want To Join page.  You can then find out how to join our U3A on the same page.


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A number of groups have vacancies. Go to the “Study Groups” tab above and please contact the relevant Group Organiser directly for the group you are interested in.
Note these groups will be updated with latest 2019-20 Handbook which will be published shortly.
JAZZ WORKSHOP 24th November - Book Now to avoid disappointment

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 14 October, 2019

  • Future Sevenoaks U3A Events

     October 21st

     Computer Group Meeting

     October 23rd

     AGM + General Meeting

     October 31st

    Jazz Workshop-Flyer

     November 11th

     Science Open Meeting

     November 18th

     Computer Group Meeting

     November 24th

     Kew Christmas Lights - Visit

     November 27th

     General Meeting

     December 9th

     Science Open Meeting

     December 13th

     Brick Lane Musical - Visit

     December 16th

     Computer Group Meeting


     January 13th

     Science Open Meeting

     January 20th

     Computer Group Meeting

     January 22nd

     General Meeting

     February 21st

     Festive Lunch link

     May 11-15

     Trip to S Wales & Wye Valley



  • Local & National U3A Events

    Details for events and visits can be found from the links below.

  • Event Reports

    We welcome reports of events to place on the website.
    For event reports  please follow this link to the Archive page and click on the relevant year tab..

  • Executive Committee

    Minutes of all Executive Committee Meetings are published on the website. They can be found by clicking on this link.

    At the special AGM on 24th October 2018, the Executive Committee was confirmed as follows:

    Chairman -  Nick White (Acting)*
    Vice Chairman -   Richard Baxter (Acting)
    Treasurer -  David Lowe(Acting)
    Secretary -  
    Chris Dance (Acting)
    Membership Secretary  - Jill Davies
    Groups Organiser - Elaine Knight-Elston (Acting)
    Social Chairman - Pam Walshe
    Monthly Meetings - Barbara Coleyshaw
    Hall Manager - Richard Baxter
    Communications -  David Taylor

    * The above ‘Acting’ posts are to be confirmed at the forthcoming Special AGM on 23rd October 2019.

  • AGM Documents

    Minutes of any  AGM are approved by those in attendance at the following year’s AGM, normally held in June. The minutes of the 2017 AGM (approved at the 2018 AGM) can be accessed here. Minutes of the 2018 AGM are subject to ratification
    The AGM called for June 26th was non-quorate therefore a special AGM will be reconvened on Wednesday 23rd October at 2 pm, to be held before the Monthly Meeting at St Nicholas Church, Sevenoaks, to ratify the draft Minutes and actions (the draft Minutes will be available at the meeting).

    At our last two Annual General Meetings we have failed, by a small margin, to achieve the 10% quorum required by our constitution. We have taken instructions from National Office and have been informed by the Chief Executive that we may reduce the quorum to 5%. The adjourned AGM will therefore include a motion to amend Clause 16 iv of the constitution so as to read 5% instead of 10%.
    The 2019 AGM Minutes will be reviewed at the next AGM to be held in June 2020.
    2019 Trustees Report


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