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Literature and Writing

  • Book Circle - Thursday


    We shall be continuing with a mix of mostly contemporary fiction, some biography and classics. Members introduce their choice and lead the ensuing discussion.

    Book circle Thursday 300

    Contact :   Gwyneth Miller

    Meetings :   Thursday,   2nd,   2.00 - 4.00


  • Book Circle - Wednesday


    We will be reading a selection of books, mostly modern fiction, which are chosen by members of the group. We shall meet from October to May. New members welcome.

    Book circle Wednesday 300

    Contact :   Kate Cox or Ann Evans

    Meetings :   Wednesday,  3rd,  2:00 - 4:00 pm


  • Books - Comparing Novels


    This lively group meets monthly to compare and contrast two different novels, often a classic and a contemporary novel, on a similar theme. Pairing books gives us the opportunity to consider how different authors approach a shared theme so that each book enhances our understanding and enjoyment of the other.

    Books - comparing novels 300

    Contact :   Ann Matthews

    Meetings :   Thursday,   3rd,   14.00 - 16.00


  • Books - Slim Volumes


    Finding time to read even one book a month is not always easy. This group tries to overcome the problem with a ‘slim volume’. The preference is for non-fiction books - anything considered. Our meetings are relaxed and the discussion informal. There are currently no vacancies.

    Books slim volumes 300

    Contact :   Margaret Barnard

    Meetings :   Wednesday,   3rd,   2.30 - 4.30

  • Literature


    This group has met for a number of years although in recent years several members have left and new members joined. It meets at members’ homes. Usually the member introducing the chosen book hosts the meeting.

    Members take in in turns to select a book and to lead a discussion on it - this is not intended to be daunting challenge but a few minutes introduction on the author / historical background and identification of a few questions to discuss helps get the conversation going.

    Books chosen sometimes follow a theme, recent ones have been the development of philosophical ideas through a novel (Satre’s Roads to Freedom, De Beauvoirs’s The Mandarins, Kundera’s Ignorance and Iris Murdoch’s The Bell). Other recent books include Home Fire, A Sense of Ending, All The Pretty Horses and Chronicle of Death Foretold. We look at books and their relevance to life today in our own and other societies as a vehicle for ideas. 

    We try to ensure that books are made available through Sevenoaks Library’s U3A facility but have also lent them around.

    If you are interested in participating in this group contact John Clark. Details below.

    Contact :   John Clark

    Meetings :   Tuesday,   4th,   10:00 - 12:00 a.m


  • Poetry 1

    POETRY 1

    The poems are selected and circulated in advance by one of the group.  At our meetings we read and give our responses to each poem :  what it means to us, how it connects to our own experience, what puzzles us, how it relates to the life of the poet, etc.  Our discussions are fun, always lively, helping us progress our appreciation of and enjoyment from the poems. New Members welcome.

    Contact :   Rita Lingham

    Meetings :   Friday,   1st,   10.00 - 12.00


  • Poetry 2

    POETRY 2

    We meet to enjoy reading and discussing the work of past and living poets.  For some meetings, one member chooses a subject and leads the discussion and everyone joins in.  For others we have a theme and all members bring their own contributions.  The main requirement is a love of poetry. New members welcome.

    Contact :   Hilary Walker

    Meetings :   Friday,   last,   10.00 - 12.30


  • Writing for Pleasure


    We meet in each other’s houses to enjoy the pleasure of writing and the stimulus of other ideas.  We write at meetings using various triggers for inspiration and discussion.  Between meetings we prepare longer pieces on a given subject and read them to each other for appraisal and discussion.  Laughter can be a great facilitator! New members welcome.

    Contact :   Isabel Wood

    Meetings :   Wednesday,   1st & 3rd   10.00 - 12.00


  • Writing - Sevenoaks Scribes


    There is no limit to the subjects covered - novels, plays, children’s and historical stories, etc. We all work towards having our writing printed - well, we can but hope! We meet in each others houses.

    Contact:       Pamela Murphy

    Meetings:    Monday,   2nd & 4th,   2.00 - 4.30


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