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Kent Study Days

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Policy Documents

  • Suggestions


    We would welcome input from members,

    • for Speakers they have heard and are suitable for Monthly Meetings.
      Contact :  Nick White
      Tel :   01732 564145, or
    • for Visits they have undertaken with other societies and which would perhaps interest our U3A.
      Contact : Rosina Cole
      Tel : 01732 459505.

    We are also keen to re-develop Study Days, so that they become an integral part of the Annual Programme.  Members and Group Organisers can help either by suggesting a topic and, if possible, a Speaker.  Or they might offer to lead a Study Day by working with others in their Group, and perhaps liaising with parallel Study Groups who are taking a different angle.

  • In Depth Study Groups


    If you would like to pursue your favourite subject in greater depth, the U3A would like to hear from you.  This would be an opportunity to study a subject in greater depth than is currently possible within the current U3A group set-up.

    The range of subjects to be offered depends entirely on what U3A members want, but there is the potential for all kinds of exciting develpoments in informal adult education.

    The U3A Trust is initially seeking to run pilot groups, making use of the internet.

  • Booking for an Event


    When booking for an Visit, Social Event or Study Day from a flyer, please remember the following :

    • The Organiser answers queries;
    • Send the lower half of the form to the member taking the bookings;
    • Make the cheque payable to the Account that is named on the form/flyer, not to an individual;
    • Enclose a stamped addressed envelope, if required;
    • Retain the upper half.  It may be the only reminder you have;
    • If you have to cancel, please notify the booking handler who will try to resell your place.

    Refunds are only made if your place can be re-allocated.

  • Health & Safety


    National Office provides insurance cover for the liability of a member for negligence when engaged in a U3A activity, but not the negligence of a non-member, so it is important that everyone in the Group is a paid-up member. Members are responsible for their own health and safety and must be sure that any U3A activity in which they participate is safe and suitable for them.

  • Copyright Licence


    We have received notification that National Office has been able to negotiate a reasonable price for a copyright licence with the Copyright Licensing Agency.  This costs each U3A £60 p.a and should be paid by the respective U3As, if they wish to take it up.  Sevenoaks has decided to purchase a licence for the forthcoming year.  The conditions are still as printed on page 24 of  Group Organisers Guide (appendix 5).

  • Taking Photographs


    camera graphicPictures always bring an event report to life, especially if it is about holidays or travels.  Most people use Word for event reports, and it is fairly easy to place photos in your text by using INSERT.  But when you do this, the Word software will usually compress the photos.  This keeps the size of the photo and text files down but also keeps the picture quality down as well.  So the report with its photos is easy and fairly quick to email to the web team, but you may be disappointed with the quality of your photos when they appear on the web site.

    To avoid this problem, here’s what you can do :

    1. Open your Word text file. 
    2. Before inserting any photos, go to File -> Options -> Advanced -> Image Size & Quality, and
    3. Put a check/tick next to “(1) Do not compress images in file.”

    This means that any photo will retain its original properties when it appears in your file – in other words it will look quite big physically on your page of text.  In that case you will need to use the “handles” around the photo to shrink it.

    Finally, if you decide to do this, be aware that your finished file will be quite large and so will be quite slow to send by email

    If you decide that you don’t need high quality images, you can let the software compress it and then you can send it as a smaller file.

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