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  • Current Affairs


    The Current Affairs Group meets eight times a year in members homes.
    Members of our group volunteer to prepare talks for meetings on a subject of their choice. Each meeting consists of coffee, a talk lasting around 3/4 hour, followed by a lively discussion. Members do not have to give a talk if they would prefer just to listen and join in the discussion.

    The subjects of the talks are very wide ranging, and we aim to cover them in rather more depth than is usually provided by the media. Last season’s talks included “Proportional Representation”,  “Women in Politics”, “Modern Slavery”  and “Constitutional Change”.

     Anyone interested in joining the group is welcome to attend one or two of our meetings to try it out.



    Contact :   Jill Griffiths

    Meetings :   Monday,   3rd,   10.00 - 12.00



  • Ethical Dilemmas


     After an initial presentation members enthusiastically discuss a wide range of difficult ethical problems. Subjects are chosen and presented by the members of the group.

    Ethical Dilemmas 300

    Contact :   Victoria Baxter

    Meetings :   Thursday,   2nd,   10.00 - 12.00


  • Europe Today


    The group studies issues or themes by individual European Country or those that are common across the European Union as a whole. The theme for each year is agreed at a summer lunch and have included such topics as health services, education, pension arrangements in Europe, the fishing industries, land usage, transport, financial expenditure, immigration and political systems.  The group meets October to May.


    Contact:  John Harris

    Meetings :   Friday,   2nd,   10.00 - 12.00



  • European Affairs


    This new group discusses issues on the changes ahead in Britain’s relationship with Europe as well as how recent history impacts national decisions today. We follow our members’preferences and study a wide range of subjects including the lifestyles and culture of European states. Each session we choose one subject to which all members contribute. At other meetings talks are led by members. This results in enjoyable and informative discussions. New Members Welcome

    The group meets October to May.


    Contact:  Rob White

    Meetings:  Wednesday, 3rd, 2.30 - 4.30

  • European Film Studies


     This study group has run successfully for over 5 years now. It meets monthly, rotating between members’ homes, in the morning of the second Tuesday of the month.

    The genesis of the group was a modern literature study group which meant that we adopted a different format from other film groups. Rather than watch a film together and have a short discussion immediately afterwards, we watch the chosen film at our own homes, reflect upon it and then get together for a 1 1/2 to 2 hour discussion led by the member who selected the film. Members take turns to choose a European film (with subtitles!) and lead the discussion. The discussions are expected to be wide ranging including exploring the social background at the time the film was made, the themes/questions posed by the film and how they reflect society and its values. Discussion of the cinematic technique etc is encouraged but knowledge of these aspects is by no means a requirement. On the contrary current members have little knowledge of this but are very willing to learn together!

    In the last couple of years we have discussed amongst other films The Discrete Charm of the Bourgeoisie, Leviathan, Hidden, Timbuktu, Julietta, Last Tango in Paris, Breathless, La Dolce Vita, Uzak, Colour Trilogy and Jules et Jim. For the last few months we’ve concentrated on Italian films from 1945 - 1975 which will go on to their influence on the French New Wave
    Members normally view any film either as a DVD or by streaming it. With Amazon Prime and its linked sites such as the British Film Institute many films can easily be streamed. Some members purchase the DVDs and lend them to other members before a meeting. The cost of the DVD will accordingly be borne in mind in choosing a film. Films are usually found at less than 7 through Amazon/its partners, local shops, second hand or the BFI shop. Other DVDs have been obtained from local libraries. The organiser is happy to do research on the availability of films before one is selected by a member. We’ve got very adept at passing DVDs on between members prior to a meeting.

    If you are interested in participating in this group please contact John Clark. Details below.

    Contact :   John Clark

    Meetings :  Tuesday, 2nd, 10.00 to 12.00.


  • Exploring World Faiths

    We explore, discuss and try to understand some of the many world faiths, such as Hinduism, Islam, Christianity, Buddhism, Judaism and more. We have occasional outings and last year visited  the Sikh Gurdwara and a small Hindu temple, both in Gravesend.

    Contact:  Celia Smith

    Meetings: Tuesdays,   3rd,   2:00 - 4:00



    Exploring World Faiths

  • Migration of People


    This group commenced in January 2014 and is now established. Individuals make a study for a discussion in the group choosing a migration of people from any period in history of a family or tribe, religious sect or a race who migrated for reasons of persecution, economic, religious etc.

    Migration 300

    Contact :   Linda Alleeson

    Meetings :   Tuesday,  3rd,   2.00 - 4.00

  • Philosophy


    The Group meet to discuss a shared text- currently ‘The Great Philosphers’ by Brian Magee.

    Philosophy 300

    Contact :   David Milman

    Meetings :   Tuesday,   1st,   10:15 - 12:00




  • Stock Market Discussion


    If you want to learn about stocks and shares with little financial commitment, then come and join us.  We take a light-hearted approach to the subject.  Members choose one or two stocks, keep them for two months maximum, then change.  A virtual small sum goes into the kitty, then the member with the largest virtual profit in 9 months wins the kitty.

    Stockmarket 300

    Contact :    Lesley Leeding

    Meetings :   Wednesdays,   3rd,   2:00 - 4:00


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