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  • Digital Image Manipulation - Year 1


    For beginners who want to learn how to manipulate and make adjustments to digital photographs on a computer program.


    Contact :   Janet Austin

    Meetings :    Tuesday, 3rd   10.00 to 12.30


    Image manipulation 1 300
  • Digital Image Manipulation - Year 2


    This is a continuation from the 1st Year Course learning about ‘Layers’ It is for members who already know the basic manipulation skills or members who would like to refresh their Layers knowledge.

     We meet at the Holmesdale Bowls Club, Riverhead.

    Shared with Knole.

    Image manipulation 2 300

    Contact :   Janet Austin

    Meetings :   Tuesday,  2nd,  10.00 - 12.30


  • Digital Camera 3


    We will be continuing our learning by experimentation, discussion, members’ input and visits. We meet in each others houses

    This group is shared with Knole.  Photography.

    Digi cam group 5 300

    Contact :   David Green or Richard Jolly (Knole)

    Meetings :   Friday,  2nd,  10.00 - 12.30


  • Photography 1


    Activities include themed trips to take photographs, followed by a group appraisals. Looking and learning from exhibits  of  other peoples’  work. 
     New members welcome.

    Photography group 300

    Contact :   Mary Allwood

    Meetings :   Tuesday,   3rd,   10.00 - 12.00


  • Photography 2


    In summer, the Group arranges photographic trips out in the local area. In winter we meet in the hall to discuss all aspects of photography - eg cameras, techniques, themes and post production.  Members make presentations.  We share photographs and comment on each other’s work. In December we run an informal competition. We use Zoom if Covid rules require.

     We meet at Otford Methodist Church Hall.

    Digi cam group 2 300

    Contact :   Celia Smith

    Meeting :   Tuesday,  1st,  14: - 16:00


  • Taking Photographs


    camera graphicPictures always bring an event report to life, especially if it is about holidays or travels.  Most people use Word for event reports, and it is fairly easy to place photos in your text by using INSERT.  But when you do this, the Word software will usually compress the photos.  This keeps the size of the photo and text files down but also keeps the picture quality down as well.  So the report with its photos is easy and fairly quick to email to the web team, but you may be disappointed with the quality of your photos when they appear on the web site.

    To avoid this problem, here’s what you can do :

    1. Open your Word text file. 
    2. Before inserting any photos, go to File -> Options -> Advanced -> Image Size & Quality, and
    3. Put a check/tick next to “(1) Do not compress images in file.”

    This means that any photo will retain its original properties when it appears in your file – in other words it will look quite big physically on your page of text.  In that case you will need to use the “handles” around the photo to shrink it.

    Finally, if you decide to do this, be aware that your finished file will be quite large and so will be quite slow to send by email

    If you decide that you don’t need high quality images, you can let the software compress it and then you can send it as a smaller file.

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