• Churches - Looking at London Churches


    The group explores sacred places in and around London.  We explore the architecture, iconography, history and development of all types of places of worship in the London Area.  We have tended to focus on the City but are happy to visit anywhere in the greater London area.  Most outings take a day and include a visit to two places of worship and lunch, if required.  We take it in turn to arrange and lead visits but also have access to the services of an experienced City Guide.

    London churches 300

    Contact :   Tina and David Milman

    Meetings :   Wednesday 3rd,  all day


  • Gallery Group 1


    The group explores the work of significant artists, movements and genres.  On the first Wednesday an introductory talk is given and on the second an all day visit is made to a gallery, museum or house, usually in the London area.  Occasionally trips may be made further afield or even abroad.  No special expertise is required other than a willingness to contribute and attend regularly. Open to other U3A’s.

    Gallery Group 1 300

    Contact :   Chris Dance

    Meetings :   Wednesday, 1st, 2.00 - 4.30 (meetings),         Wednesday, 2nd, (visit)


  • Gallery Group 2


    Meetings are held in a house in Otford, or a gallery in London or elsewhere.  At house meetings we discuss what we have seen and look at our postcard reminders, and watch relevant videos or DVDs, as well as planning future visits.  Members are asked to collect newspaper reviews and news items on forthcoming exhibitions so that they are able to contribute to discussions.  Our London visits meet up at approximately 11 am.

    Gallery Group 2 300

    Contact :   Pauline Lovell

    Meetings :  Friday,  2nd (11.30) & 4th (10.30)


  • Local Studies & Visits


    Members of the group take it in turns, in pairs, to select a local village or town of interest.  They make a presentation to the others on the points of interest;  historical, architectural and the like, at a first meeting, and then lead the group on a visit to that location for the  second meeting the following month.

    Local studies & visits 300

    Contact :   TBA ( currently Seeking a new Group Organiser)

    Meetings :   Tuesdays,  4th,  alternately 2.00 - 4.00 and 10.00 - 4.00

  • London Studies 1


    This is a well established group that has been running since 2005. We work in pairs to organise visits; the first month is a local meeting to present information on the trip, the second month is a full day visit to London either self guided or with a professional guide.

    London Studies 300

    Contact :   Diana Goymer

    Meetings :   Tuesdays,  3rd,  2 pm


  • London Studies 2


    In this group we  split into sub-groups of 2, 3 or 4 members, who select a subject, carry out research and present their findings at a house meeting.  This is followed one month later by a visit.

    London Studies 2 300

    Contact :   Mike Davies

    Meetings :   Mondays,  1st,  House Meeting,  10 am. followed the next month by an all-day visit.



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