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  • Aviation


    The group covers any topic related to aviation.  Members give a yearly talk of their personal choice.  Visits to museums and other places of aviation interest.
    Possible topics for presentation/discussion include :   individuals (pilots, designers, etc), aircraft; engines; airlines; airfields; Military,civil or general aviation; materials; aerodynamics; design techniques; auxiliary equipment; instrumentation; government influence, etc.

    Aviation 300

    Contact :   Frank Matthews

    Meetings :   Friday,   3rd,   10.00 - 12.00

  • Geology


    This group studies the geological history of the Earth with relevant dates.  Topics include

    Geology 300

    • plate tectonics;
    • vulcanology;
    • sedimentation;
    • structural geology;
    • glaciology;
    • mineralogy;
    • paleontology;
    • oil and coal formation;
    • hydrology;
    • remote sensing and
    • planetary geology.

     Each topic leads to wide-ranging discussion.

    Contact :   Tove Horntvedt-Phillips

    Meetings :   Tuesday,   1st & 4th,   2.00 - 3.30


  • Psychology

    The Psychology group will cover topics both theoretically and from a personal experience.

    What motivates you?
    Which is more important: I.Q. or E.Q. (emotional intelligence) ?
    How can we improve our relationships and self development.
    We cover many areas as human behaviour is such a fascinating subject.
    ‘It’s not how low you fall but how quickly you bounce back up’ - Peanuts comic strip
    Group is shared with Knole. New Members welcome.

    Contact :   Indeg Robinson

    Venue: Otford Methodist Church

    Meetings :  Fridays,   3rd,   14-00 -16:00,




  • Science - Our Universe


    This group will study the science of the cosmos.  This will include topics such as :

    • how we know the life history of the stars,
    • how far away they are,
    • how old space is, and
    • the awesome range of astronomical objects and forces out there.


    Contact :   Stan Williams

    Meetings :   Friday,   2nd,   10.00 - 12.00


  • Science Discussion 1


    The group will explore and discuss areas of scientific interest.  Subjects are chosen by members from a wide range of possible areas, including current scientific debates as well as historical subjects to expand our knowledge of the world.  No prior scientific expertise is needed, just a keenness to participate.
    Past topics have included Crypto Currencies & Bit Coins, Nobel Prize Winners, Electricity Supply & Storage, Understanding Cancers, Soils, Use and Abuse. A similiar range of topics will be explored in the forthcoming year

    Science Discussion Group 1:  Programme 2020

    Meeting Date

     Programme Topic


    January 6th

    Crypto Currencies & Bit Coins

    February 3rd

    Nobel Prize Winners (10 minute sessions?)

    March 2nd

    Electricity supply & storage

    April 6th

    Understanding Cancers

    May 4th

    Plant Communication & Intelligence?

    June 1st

    Soils, Use & Abuse



    Possible Future Topics



    •The Anthropocene Epoch


    •Cyber Technology/ Artificial Intelligence


    •Post Convid-19 Scenarios


    •Mathematics before the Renaissance


    •New Sea Routes


    •Ice Caps, Flooding & Climate Change


    •Synthetic Biology update

    Contact :   Bob Ruffles

    Meetings :   Monday,   1st,   10:00-12:00, except on Public Holidays,  e.g. New Year, Easter and May Day.


  • Science Discussion 2


    This group explores topics of scientific topic interest that may be in the news, or perhaps to understand some of the bigger global and environmental issues.
    Findings can be presented to the group in any form for discussion. The research can be done individually or shared with one or more group members. Some of the more complex subjects will require participation of all group members to maximise the expertise that may exist within the group. Prior scientific knowledge is not essential, just a keenness to explore topics of interest.

    Vacancies exist in the group and if you are interested then please contact me.

    Contact :   Peter Brignall

    Meetings : 1st, Thursday,   10:00- 12:00 hrs

  • Science Open Group

    From October 2020 the Science Open Group meetings will be run as Zoom Webinar meetings. Registration to join will be required by following the link below:

    The Programme of Webinar Meetings is as follows. Note Later talks may  be in the  Otford Village Memorial Hall if the Covid situation allows meetings to safely resume




    12th October

    The manufacture of Ammonium Nitrate based fertiliser products and some major Ammonium Nitrate accidents

    Rob Weighill

    9th November



    14th December

    Development of technology in Modern Hearing Aids

    Adam Chell




    11th January

    Big Cat Sanctury - Conservation of Endangers Species

    Gemma Bailey

    8th February



    8th March



    12th April



    10th May



    June 2021

    Science Seminar - Details TBA




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