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Leisure (Practical)

  • Garden Group 1


    This group visits gardens of interest, some open to the public and some private, to enjoy them and gain from their well-tried and new ideas.  There are some half day and some day visits (from March to October).  We usually meet in Riverhead to go in as few full cars as possible.  There are also visits to each others gardens.  New Members Welcome.

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    Contact :   Paul & Janice Clarke

    Meetings :   Tuesday,   3rd,   March to October


  • Garden Group 2


    The group arranges monthly visits to gardens of particular attractiveness or interest throughout the season.  Occasionally two gardens in the same area, and often an extra visit in June  Some of these are private visits with tours by the owner or head gardener and some to gardens open to the public.
    We are a convivial group and we usually meet at the venue for coffee and have a late lunch at a nearby pub. Research and arrangements for the individual visits are shared between different members of the group, following a planning meeting in November.
     New Members very welcome. Sometimes we need extra people for the visit to make up the  numbers  so we keep a list of those we can draw on who can only manage an occasional visit.

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    Contact :   Cherry Moss

    Meetings :   February to October Tuesday,   2nd


  • Garden Group 3


    The programme for this group is made of visits to both private and well-known gardens from March to October, with group discounts where available.  Arrangements for lunch will be made for day visits and shared travel is encouraged.

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    Contact :   Shirley Wright or Pat Edghill

    Meetings :  Friday,   1st,   March to October 10:30 to 11:00 at chosen garden


  • Garden Group 4 - Visits


    Garden Visits

    We visit both well-known and private gardens.  It is generally a half-day morning visit followed by lunch in the garden restaurant or a nearby pub.  We try to achieve some group benefit such as a talk or guided tour, and car-share. Group open to other U3As.

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    Contact :   Claire Williams

    Meetings :   Friday,   3rd.


  • Garden Group 5


    This group is for anyone who enjoys gardening. We usually gather in each other’s homes sharing our knowledge, or lack of it, about anything to do with gardening. The annual garden cycle plays a key role in the programme of our monthly meetings. We have started also visiting gardens open to the public. We always try to car share if possible. New members welcome.

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    Contact :   Di Taylor

    Meetings :   Monday,   2nd,   10.00 - 12.00

  • Wine Appreciation 1


    The format is simple. Each member takes it in turn to:

    • Host the meeting at home;
    • Provide three examples of wine from a particular grape or region;
    • Prepare a note on the wine selected;
    • Lead the discussion.
      More members would be welcome.

    wine app group 3 300

    Contact : Anthony and Sheila Weston-Smith

    Meetings :   Wednesday: 2nd 10.30-12.30


  • Wine Appreciation 2


    This lively and enthusiastic group meets monthly. We explore the world’s wines & their different characteristics.  Each meeting a member presents wines - and sometimes the foods - of chosen areas to taste, discuss and learn. Spaces available.

    wine app group 2 300

    Contact :   Peter Reeves

    Meetings :   Friday,   last,   10.00 - 12.00

  • Wine Appreciation 3


    A new small group - the Otford Wine Group 4 - will be meeting on the third Thursday evening once a month. Everyone contributes to expand their appreciation of the many types of wine available.  Space for one more member.

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    Contact :   Brian Alleeson

    Meetings :   Thursday,   3rd,   evening

  • Wine Appreciation 4


    The latest newly formed group - everyone contributing and appreciating what goes into making wine, and the different varieties available. New Members welcome.

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    Contact :   Brian Alleeson

    Meetings :   Wednesday,   2nd,   2.30 - 4.00


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