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Leisure (Physical)

  • Circle Dancing


    If you like dancing and a wide range of music from all over the world then circle dancing is for you. The dances can be lively or gentle, meditative or exciting. The moods and styles vary enormously and there is something for everyone in the repertoire. You don't need a partner or experience. Dance bare-foot or in soft-soled shoes.  Group is open to other U3A’s.

    Cost :   £4 (or £18 for 6 sessions). 

     Venue :    Christchurch URC Hall, Littlecourt Rd.

    Circle dancing 300

    Contact :   Sandie Wade

    Meetings :   Friday,   2nd & 4th,   2.00 - 4.00


  • Cycling


    This group meets twice a month on the 1st Wednesday and 3rd Tuesday. It is open to members of any U3A.  We are covered by the U3A insurance for third party liability.
    We usually meet at about 11am, cycle between 20 and 30 miles at an average speed of 8 to 10 mph and we always stop for a pub lunch. We try to stick to minor country roads and cycle tracks. We are often in the Sevenoaks and surrounding area but from time to time we are more ambitious and drive or take the train further afield. We have also had trips to France! Each member of the group is expected to take their turn planning and leading rides. There are very few rules and we like to keep our cycling relaxed and informal.
    We have a loose link with the “Rusty Riders” group in Knole U3A, if shorter and more relaxing rides are required. Group is open to other U3A’s

    Cycling 300

    Contact :   Patrick Pascall

    Meetings :
      Tuesday, 3rd & Wednesdays,  1st


  • Folk Dancing


    A Group aiming to experience English Folk dances by developing research skills using various sources, locating record offices and websites. Group open to other U3As.

    Courtesy of Guildford U3A

    Contact :   Peter & Lyn Nixon
    Venue: Otford Village Memorial Hall
    Meetings :   Friday,   2nd,   10:00 - 12:00


  • Tai Chi - Advanced

    TAI CHI - Advanced

    Tai Chi is a gentle exercise using the whole body to achieve various different form.  It helps to achieve better concentration, muscle control, a sense of balance and general well being for all age groups. We practice the 24 form and is not suited to beginners.

    Meetings are held in St Ediths Hall, Kemsing

    Contact :   Madeleine Kit Fong Fry

    Meetings :   Wednesdays,  9.30 - 10.30 am.


  • Walking 1


    For members who enjoy a 10 mile walk with a pub lunch.  Walks planned and led by members on the 3rd Friday in every month.

    The Group is open to other U3A’s
    Note: National U3A has published 2 walking guides to Bodmin Moor and Settle.

    Walking 1a 300

    Group 1B
    Contact :   Jim Purves

    Meetings :  Friday,  3rd,  am & pm


  • Walking 2


    Walks start about 9.30 am, are usually around 10 miles with a half-way lunch break at a suitably located pub, and finish at around 3.30 pm.  Members take it in turn to plan and lead walks.  We meet at the start point of the walk; some informal car share arrangements are an advantage.

    National U3A has published 2 walking guides to Bodmin Moor and Settle.

    Walking 2 300

    Contact :     John Mitchell

    Meetings :   Friday,   2nd  9.45 - 3.30

  • Walking (The Strollers)


    A gentle walk of about one and a half hours, starting at 11 am, followed by a pub lunch, if desired.  Members are encouraged to take turns in leading the strolls.  Sensible walking shoes are required (not wellingtons).  We frequently pass through fields with animals, thus we are unable to take dogs.  An email contact is needed in case of alteration/cancellation due to adverse weather.  Details are normally posted in the Calendar section of this website.

    Walking Strollers 300

    Contact :   Anne Gutteridge

    Meetings :   Tuesday,   3rd,   11.00.

  • Walking Ambling


    A two and a half hour walk of about four miles followed by an optional pub lunch.  Members are encouraged to lead walks of their choice.  This is an open group to all Sevenoaks Members, and details of the walks are normally provided in the monthly newsletter, or in the Calendar and Open Groups sections of this website.

    Walking half-day 300

    Contact :   Nick White

    Meetings :   Wednesday,   3rd,  10:15 a.m


  • Nordic Walking (New)

    NORDIC WALKING (New Group)

    This new group is walking for exercise with poles. A training walk of about 3 miles with exercises will be undertaken followed by an optional pub lunch

    This group is shared with Knole U3A and is seeking new members. If you are interested in joining conact Nick White (Sevenoaks Members) or Ian Galletti (Knole Members)

    Contact :   Nick White

    Meetings :   Wednesday,  1st,  10:30 a.m


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