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Group Timetables


1st, 2nd, etc = week of the month

W =  Weekly
F = Fortnightly
M = Monthly

  • Monday

    Monday Morning

    Monday Afternoon

    Current Affairs (3rd)

    Apple Group (2nd)

    Garden 3 (3rd)

    Book Circle Monday (3rd)

    Garden 5 (2nd)

    Chess (3rd)

    Italian Conversation (1st, 3rd)

    Computer Open Group (3rd)

    London Studies 2 (1st)

    Digital Camera 3 (4th)

    Science Discussion (1st)

    Latin Revive (1st, 3rd)

    Walking (half day - 4th)

    Music Appreciation A (3rd)

    Wine Appreciation 1 (last)

    Music Appreciation B (4th)

    Singing For Fun (1st, 3rd)

    Science Open Group (2nd)

    Writing - Sevenoaks Scribes (2nd, 4th)

  • Tuesday

    Tuesday Morning

    Tuesday Afternoon

    Churches  (3rd)

    Churches (3rd)

    Crosswords (1st)

    Digital Camera 1 (4th)

    Cycling (3rd)

    Digital Camera 2 (1st)

    Digital Image 3 (3rd)

     Garden 1 (3rd)

    France and French (1st, 3rd)

    Garden 2 (2nd)

    Garden 1 (3rd)

     Geology (F)

    Garden 2 (2nd)

    German Conversation (1st, 3rd)

    History of Art (4th)

    Industrial History (2nd)

    Local Studies (4th)

     Investment (Evening - 3rd)

    Military History (F)

    Local Studies (4th)

    Modern Literature (4th)

    London Studies 1 (3rd)

    Philosophy (1st)

    Makers of History (2nd)

    Photography (3rd)

    Migration (3rd)

    Theatre Studies (1st)

    Needlecraft (F)

    Walking - Strollers (3rd)

    Playreading (3rd)

    Taking an Age (2nd, 4th)

  • Wednesday

    Wednesday Morning

    Wednesday Afternoon

    Bridge for Pleasure (2nd, 4th)

    Book Circle Wednesday (3rd)

    Churches - London (3rd)

    Books - Slim (3rd)

    Cycling (1st)

    Churches - London (3rd)

    Family History (4th)

    Crochet (1st)

    Gallery Group 1 (2nd)

    Film Studies (1st)

    Jewellery Making (2nd)

    Gallery Group 1 (1st, 2nd)

    Latin - Absolute Beginners (2nd, 4th)

    Peace & Conflict Studies (2nd)

    Medieval History (1st)

    Stockmarket Discussion (3rd)

    Scrabble (2nd)

    Monthly Meeting (4th or 5th)

    Tai Chi (W)

    Walking (Ambling) (3rd)

    Whist (2nd, 4th)

    Wine Appreciation 3 (2nd)

    Writing - Creative Writing For Fun (1st)

    Writing Short Stories for Pleasure (1st, 3rd)

  • Thursday

    Thursday Morning

    Thursday Afternoon

    Art - Painting (W)

    Art - Wot Is Art ? (1st)

    Books - Comparing (3rd)

    Book Circle - Thursday (1st)

    Botanical Painting (F)

    Classical Studies (2nd & 4th)

    Ethical Dilemmas (2nd)

    Digital Image 2 (M)

    French Discussion (1st, 3rd)

    German Language (3rd)

    German Language & Culture (3rd)

    Jazz & Blues 1 (4th)

    History of Transport (3rd)

    Jazz & Blues 2 (1st)

    Italian - Learners (F)

    London Studies 1 (2nd & 4th)

    Italian - Intermediate (F)

    Snooker (2nd & 4th)

    Latin - Brush-up (1st & 3rd)

    Wine Appreciation 5 (Eve 3rd)

  • Friday

    Friday Morning

    Friday Afternoon

    Aviation (3rd)

    Circle Dancing (2nd & 4th)

    Digital Camera 5 (2nd)

    First Friday Lunch (1st)

    Europe Today (2nd)

    Gallery 2 (2nd & 4th)

    French - Rendezvous (W)

    Garden 4 Visits (3rd)

    Gallery Group 2 (2nd & 4th)

    Garden 6 (1st)

    Garden 4 Visits (3rd)

    Industrial Heritage (3rd)

    Garden 6 (1st)

    Psychology (3rd)

    Greek (2nd & 4th)

    Walking 1b (3rd)

    History of a House (6W)

    Walking 2 (2nd)

    Opera (1st)


    Poetry 1 (1st)


    Poetry 2 (Last)


    Science - Our Universe (2nd)


    Walking 1a (1st)


    Walking 1b (3rd)


    Walking 2 (2nd)


    Wine Appreciation 2 (Last)


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