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  • Francaise Rouille


    For those who wish to bring their French up to scratch. Meeting at home of the Group Organiser.

    Contact:  Peter Quick

    Meetings:  Friday, Weekly, 10.00 - 12.00

  • French Discussion


    This fairly advanced group is aimed at people who already have quite a good command of French and are keen to participate fully in discussions about French society and culture. Members take turns to present a discussion topic which could be, for example, a current news item or recent holiday. The leader, who is a French native, uses recent articles, tapes and DVDs of French films. There will be some preparatory work prior to each session.

    French discussion 300

    Contact :      Nicole Hickey or Anny Stevens

    Meetings :   Thursday  2nd & 4th,   10.30 - 12.15

  • French for Not Quite Beginners


    We meet in each others’ houses, using a CD and book.  French conversation with a minimum of rusty “O” level French. 

    French discussion 300

    Contact :      Sharon Fishwick

    Meetings :   Tuesday, 2nd and 4th,   10.00 - 12.00

  • French Rendezvous


    This bi-monthly magazine and cassette, with articles on French current affairs, politics, as well as history, literature, art & cookery is purchased individually and is used as the basis of studies by the group. We also perform short idiomatic dialogues in French.
    We now meet in Chipstead and welcome new members

    French Rendezvous 300

    Contact :     Valerie Whomes

    Meetings :   Fridays,   weekly,   11.00 - 12.45

  • German for Beginners


    The group will study "Beginner German" from scratch, based on German grammar.  Homework will be required.  A shared group.  New members welcome.

    German for beginners 300

    Contact :      Brian Marson-Smith

    Meetings :   Thursdays, 2.00 - 4.00

  • German Conversation


    A very informal group which meets to talk over lunch -  a simple movable feast which members take turns to host.  Best suited to fairly proficient speakers of German.

    German conversation 300

    Contact :      Nigel Britten

    Meetings :   Tuesdays,   1st & 3rd,   12.30 - 2.00

  • German Language & Culture


    The aim of this group is to improve conversational skills, extend vocabulary and broaden knowledge of modern Germany, mainly through the study of suitable and brief texts of magazines and newspaper articles, etc.  Members are encouraged to offer suggestions and contribute relevant material.  The group is suitable for those with a good understanding of the grammar and structure of German who may also have contact with native speakers.

    German language & culture 300

    Contact :   Isobel White

    Meetings :   Thursday,   3rd,   10.30 - 12.30

  • Greek - Ancient Greek


    We started from scratch several years ago and can now read adapted texts from ancient Greek literature, using mainly “Greek for GCSE Book 2”, as well as other material.  We enjoy exploring word derivations from ancient Greek, and also go to Greek plays, staged in the original, whenever possible.

    Greek Ancient Greek 300

    Contact :   Diana Atkinson

    Meetings :   Friday,    2nd & 4th,   10.00 - 12.00

  • Italian Conversation


    Enthusiastic Italophiles with a reasonably good knowledge of Italian come together to enjoy conversing in Italian.  The aim is to maintain and develop their linguistic skills in an informal and relaxed fashion using CDs, DVDs and newspaper and magazine articles to stimulate discussion.  Members are expected to do a certain amount of preparation between sessions.

    Italian learners 300

    Contact :      June Farrel

    Meetings :    Tuesday,   2nd & 4th,   10.30 - 12.00

  • Italian Learners


    This is an intermediate level group. We aim to develop our knowledge of the Italian language using the journal Oggitalia and our spoken Italian through conversation with the help of an Italian friend. We have all attended classes in the past but review grammar from time to time and take it in turns to host meetings and find topics or techniques to stimulate discussion.
    We have one space available for a new member.

    Italian learners 300

    Contact :   John Hacker (Wendy Wooster)

    Meetings :   Thursday,   fortnightly,   10.00 - 12.00


  • Latin - Absolute Beginners


    This is a continuing course, now embarking on Book 2, but also widening our interest to examine the impact of Latin on the English Language.

    Latin for absolute beginners 300

    Contact :   Judith Spurway

    Meetings :   Wednesday,   1st and 3rd,  a.m.

  • Latin Advanced


    This group has now been going for 7 years and we have been reading extracts from various Latin authors, with the help of school editions and preparation at home, reaping the rewards of the grammar learned at school long ago. We look forward to another year of exploring the wealth of Latin literature in the original language.

    Latin revive your Latin 300

    Contact:         Diana Atkinson

     Meetings:      Thursday,   1st & 3rd,   10.00 - 12.00

  • Latin - Revive Your Latin


    For those who learned Latin for 1-3 years (no more), but have forgotten it all, and would like to revive it. We will use the Oxford Latin Course, which traces the career of the poet Horace and gives a good introduction to Roman society.

    Latin revive your Latin 300

    Contact :   Judith Spurway

    Meetings :   Monday,   2nd & 4th,    2.30 - 4.00

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