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Arts Appreciation

  • Art - Wot Is Art ?


    A discussion group, chaired by Katharine Draper, which explores aspects of the visual arts through topics proposed by its members (with an on-going search for the "Wow" factor); contributions from everyone. Discussions are wide-ranging including those stimulated by short presentations, recent exhibitions at the national (e.g. Major London galleries), regional (e.g. Ashmolean, Oxford; Fitzwilliam, Cambridge; Turner, Margate) and local level (e.g. Mascalls).  Members make their own choice of exhibitions to visit and then report to the Group.

    Art - wot is art 1 300

    Contact :  Katherine Draper

    Meetings :   Thursdays, 1st, 2 - 4

  • Churches - Looking at London Churches


    The group explores sacred places in and around London.  We explore the architecture, iconography, history and development of all types of places of worship in the London Area.  We have tended to focus on the City but are happy to visit anywhere in the greater London area.  Most outings take a day and include a visit to two places of worship and lunch, if required.  We take it in turn to arrange and lead visits but also have access to the services of an experienced City Guide.

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    Contact :   Tina and David Milman

    Meetings :   Wednesday 3rd,  all day


  • European Film Studies


    Euro film studies 300This study group has run successfully for over 5 years now. It meets monthly, rotating between members’ homes, in the morning of the second Tuesday of the month.

    The genesis of the group was a modern literature study group which meant that we adopted a different format from other film groups. Rather than watch a film together and have a short discussion immediately afterwards, we watch the chosen film at our own homes, reflect upon it and then get together for a 1 1/2 to 2 hour discussion led by the member who selected the film. Members take turns to choose a European film (with subtitles!) and lead the discussion. The discussions are expected to be wide ranging including exploring the social background at the time the film was made, the themes/questions posed by the film and how they reflect society and its values. Discussion of the cinematic technique etc is encouraged but knowledge of these aspects is by no means a requirement. On the contrary current members have little knowledge of this but are very willing to learn together!

    In the last couple of years we have discussed amongst other films The Discrete Charm of the Bourgeoisie, Leviathan, Hidden, Timbuktu, Julietta, Last Tango in Paris, Breathless, La Dolce Vita, Uzak, Colour Trilogy and Jules et Jim. For the last few months we’ve concentrated on Italian films from 1945 - 1975 which will go on to their influence on the French New Wave
    Members normally view any film either as a DVD or by streaming it. With Amazon Prime and its linked sites such as the British Film Institute many films can easily be streamed. Some members purchase the DVDs and lend them to other members before a meeting. The cost of the DVD will accordingly be borne in mind in choosing a film. Films are usually found at less than £7 through Amazon/its partners, local shops, second hand or the BFI shop. Other DVDs have been obtained from local libraries. The organiser is happy to do research on the availability of films before one is selected by a member. We’ve got very adept at passing DVDs on between members prior to a meeting.

    If you are interested in participating in this group please contact John Clark. Details below.

    Contact :   John Clark

    Meetings :  Tuesday, 2nd, 10.00 to 12.00.


  • Gallery Group 1


    The group explores the work of significant artists, movements and genres.  On the first Wednesday an introductory talk is given and on the second an all day visit is made to a gallery, museum or house, usually in the London area.  Occasionally trips may be made further afield or even abroad.  No special expertise is required other than a willingness to contribute and attend regularly. Open to other U3A’s.

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    Contact :   Chris Dance

    Meetings :   Wednesday, 1st, 2.00 - 4.30 (meetings),         Wednesday, 2nd, (visit)


  • Gallery Group 2


    Meetings are held in a house in Otford, or a gallery in London or elsewhere.  At house meetings we discuss what we have seen and look at our postcard reminders, and watch relevant videos or DVDs, as well as planning future visits.  Members are asked to collect newspaper reviews and news items on forthcoming exhibitions so that they are able to contribute to discussions.  Our London visits meet up at approximately 11 am.

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    Contact :   Pauline Lovell

    Meetings :  Friday,  2nd (11.30) & 4th (10.30)


  • Jazz & Blues 1

    JAZZ & BLUES 1

    Our enthusiasm for jazz and related music is celebrated at convivial monthly meetings,  presented and hosted by group members.

    Jazz and Blues One 1 300

    Contact :     Peter Moss

    Meetings :   Thursday 4th, 2 - 4


  • Jazz & Blues 2

    JAZZ & BLUES 2

    A group whose members share an enthusiasm for jazz and blues and in discovering more about the diversity of this vibrant part of our musical culture. Meetings comprise presentations by group members, often on aspects of jazz which they have researched or discovered. There has been a strong emphasis on presenting and listening to music that can be enjoyed by most jazz enthusiasts.
    Both Groups (1 and 2) occasionally pursue activities beyond their regular monthly meetings. These might include Study Mornings (available to all U3A members) or light-hearted social meetings with live contributions from members.  Open to other U3A’s.

    J and B 2 300

    Contact :     Jim Purves

    Meetings :   Thursday,   1st,   2.00 - 4.00


  • Theatre Studies: From Page to Stage

    THEATRE STUDIES: From Page to Stage

    This group combines the study and discussion of plays with theatre visits.  The focus is mainly on modern and contemporary plays, the selection depending on what is on in London.  Earlier drama is included if the group is keen.  Members introduce the play, taking an area of interest to them (e.g. context, themes, character interpretation, staging).  The emphasis at meetings is on discussion and exchanging views.

    Theatre Studies Photo

    Contact :   Vicki Joyce

    Meetings :   Tuesday, 1st, 10.15 - 12.00


  • Music Appreciation A


    This group listens to classical music of specific composers or linked with a particular style, period or theme. We widen our knowledge and appreciation of music by learning about the pieces and their composers and origins.

    Music App A 300

    Group A
    Contact :   Ken Brown

    Meetings :    Monday,  3rd,  2 - 4


  • Music Appreciation B


    This group meet in members’ homes to listen to recordings of classical music. The works may be by specific composers or linked with a particular style, period or theme. Members may present programmes individually or bring pieces linked to an agreed theme. Usually, shorter items or extracts are played. The aim is to widen members’ knowledge and appreciation of music by learning about the pieces and their composers and origins. Spaces available, please contact the Group Organiser for more details.

    Music App A 300

    Group B
    Contact :   Jeff Lee

    Meetings :   Mondays,  4th,  2:00 - 4:00 pm


  • Opera


    We aim to watch a variety of operas, on DVD, from the familiar to the less well known.  We start the meeting with a description of the work, including the provision of a synopsis, to assist understanding.  Members will have the opportunity to introduce their own favourite works or performances.  Allowing for a coffee break at a suitable point between acts, meetings can last up to 3 hours.


    Contact :   Ken Brown

    Meetings :   Friday, 1st, 10.00 - 1.00



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