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Beacon Membership System 


Sevenoaks U3A adopted the Beacon system in 2019 and has transferred all the data for its 1000+ members onto this system.  It used to be held in Microsoft Excel spreadsheets on members home computers.

Beacon is a management system designed by U3As, for U3As. It provides a simple interface for managing members, groups and finances. Beacon is available to all U3As in the UK that wish to take advantage of it. In fact around 400 U3A’s around the UK have already signed up to Beacon.

Beacon Newsletter Edition 7 - April 2019
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Beacon Newsletter Edition 10 - July 2019
Beacon Newsletter Edition 11 - August 2019
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Beacon Newsletter Edition 14 - Jan 2020
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There is also a Beacon Financial module available, which Sevenoaks has not yet adopted. Our U3A Treasurer is currently acquainting himself with the intricacies of the Beacon Financial package before possible adoption later in 2020.

All Beacon users must get access to the system using a User Name and a Password. Depending on their function within the U3A each user will have limited access to various parts of the Beacon system, to allow them to do their job in the most efficient manner.  Beacon Access





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