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    The Third Age Trust, our parent organisation with headquarters in Bromley.

    Other U3As and U3A Networks can be accessed from our home page.

    Tutored online courses are available at   It is a free and comprehensive resource  of open college courses that span videos, audio lectures, and notes given by professors at Harvard, Princeton and MIT.

    Open University logo

    The Open University Openlearn scheme has a wide variety of online courses which can be found by clicking on the link above, and more from the
    U3A Online in Australia.

    The TAT have issued a list of over 80 operas which have been made available by Paul Foss of Bristol U3A. Each presentation is of a single opera or the operatic works of a composer or covers opera history, and all are designed to fit into a 90-minute session. Most have a handout. If interested please e-mail Paul at





    The “Advance Learning Interactive Systems Online  (ALISON)” offers a range of free lessons in computing and management skills.

    A new initiative - Massive Open Online Courses
     (MOOCs) is being developed through the Open University’s FUTURELEARN programme.

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    Free courses in more advanced computer skills such as building a search engine and a robotic car.

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    Digital Unite has been created specifically to support older people in using computers and the internet. 





    There is now a new website available called Walking in England, which contains a section on Walking in Kent, and has more than 40 walks listed for the Sevenoaks area.  For more detail about Kent go to
    or for information about walks in the rest of England go to http://www.walkingin

    walking world logoGuides to 5,872 walks in England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland, France, Spain, Portugal and Norway, with more being posted all the time, are available from 
    For £18 a year groups can download any available walk.  Alternatively, an individual walk costs £1.95.

    Technology, Entertainment and Design (TED) Talks are influential videos from expert speakers on education, business, science, tech and creativity, with subtitles in 100+ languages.

    Other Educational sites:

  • Health & Social Care



    Advocacy Plus

    link to the Advocacy Plus website

    The Age & Employment Network

    Link to the Age and Employment Network website

    Age Consulting

    link to the Age Consulting website

    Citizens Advice Bureau

    Link to the Citizens Advice Bureau website

    Age UK

    link to the Age UK website

    Civil Service Pensioners Alliance

    Link to the Civil Service Pensioners Alliance website

    Alzheimer’s Society

    Link to the Alzheimers Society website

    English Community Care Association

    Link to the ECCA website

    Carers UK

    link to the Carers UK website

    Grandparents Plus

    Link to the Grandparents Plus website

    Contact the Elderly

    link to the Contact The Elderly website


    Link to the Gransnet website

    Dementia UK

    link to the Dementia UK website

    Laterlife Learning

    Link to the Laterlife Learning website

    West Kent Dementia Roadmap

    link to the West Kent Dementia Roadmap

    National Pensioners Convention

    Link to the National Pensioners Convention website

    Elderly Accommodation Council

    link to the EAC website



    Friends of the Elderly

    Link to the Friends Of The Elderly website



    Independent Age

    Link to the Independent Age website



    International Longevity Centre

    link to the International Longevity Centre website



    Journal of Dementia Care

    Link to the Care Info website



    Older People’s Advocacy Alliance

    Link to the Older People's Advocacy Alliance website



    SE of England Forum on Ageing

    Link to the South East England Forum on Ageing website



  • Security



    Kent Police have produced a series of themed guides providing crime prevention advice.
    Current titles are:

    • Home & garden security;
    • Property marking;
    • Anti-social behaviour;
    • Plant theft;
    • Contacting Kent Police;
    • Rural crime;
    • Safe cycling;
    • Bike security;
    • Vehicle security;
    • Motorbike safety;
    • Restorative practice;
    • Bogus callers;
    • Metal theft;
    • Personal safety;
    • Drug dealing and use (spotting/reporting)

    Visit :

    Or contact :   01622 652162 or 652164

    The Metropolitan Police have produced a book which offers plenty of advice about how to avoid being caught out by the numerous scams, which we may come across from time to time.  The book covers the following items :

    • Identity Fraud;
    • Mass Market Fraud - Scam Mail;
    • Investment Scams;
    • Door-to-Door Scams;
    • Dating and Romance Scams;
    • Banking and Payment Card Scams;
    • Mobile Phone Scams;
    • Health and Medical Scams;
    • Internet Scams;
    • Psychic and Clairvoyant Scams;
    • Frequent Scamming Tools;
    • Fraud is Not a Victimless Crime;
    • Handy Hints to Protect Yourself;
    • What to do if You Get Scammed -  Contacts and Reporting Advice.

    For more information please go to :   http://www.met.police



    Link to the Get Safe Online websiteThe Get Safe Online website at provides free, independent, user-friendly advice on how to use the internet safely and confidently, under 7 main headings :

    1. protecting your computer;
    2. protecting yourself;
    3. smartphones & tablets;
    4. shopping, banking & payments;
    5. safeguarding children;
    6. social networking;
    7. businesses.

    There are a multitude of sub-headings within those main groups to help you with specific problems.

    bankScam 1

    1.  A fraudster calls pretending to be the police or from your bank.  They claim your bank account has been used fraudulently.

    bankScam 2

    2. They tell you to hang up and call the police or bank back to ensure the call is genuine,  They stay on the line, so when you redial you think you are through to the police or your bank.  They then tell you to give them your PIN number.

    bankScam 3

    3,  They send a taxi or courier to collect your card.  With your card and PIN they can access your money.

    Remember :
    The police and banks will never ask for your PIN or bank card over the phone.  So never give them to anyone.  If you think you have been a victim of this type of crime, call us on 101.  Or if the incident is in progress, call 999.

     Cyber Crime Presentation by the Serious Crime Directorate. January 2018

    Little Book of Cyber Scams

    bankScam 4

  • Computing

    Cyber Crime Presentation by the Serious Crime Directorate.  This presentation was made at the Computer Group Meeting on the 22nd January 2018 and contains a lot of useful advice on protection of digital data.



    The articles on this page can be accessed by visiting various reputable sites on the Internet, or have been provided by our own U3A members.

    WHICH? magazine also has a complete (free) section on their website which details many of the most frequently encountered computer security problems and how to deal with them.  This can be accessed at https://computing.which

    How To Deal With Fraudulent Emails
    Never Wait For Your Computer to Start Again
    Is Your Monitor Set Up Correctly ?
    12 ways to Speed Up Your PC
    What To Do If Your PC Is Infected By Malware
    How To Keep Your Windows Desktop Tidy
    Beware the Paypal Scammers
    How Safe Are Your Favourite Websites
    Top 5 Online Privacy Mistakes
    Stay Safe Online
    The Perfect Password
    How to Avoid Phishing Scams

    GameOverZeus Botnet
    Cloud Computing

    If any member is aware of any good advice to make computer usage faster, easier or safer, please let the web team know and we will add the article to this page.

    Email the Web Team

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